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The durian season is finally here! Durian gatherings have become part of Malaysian culture where we would always gather our family and friends to create social memories together. To make it more memorable, why not gather your friends and family and host a retro-durian party to also recall our younger days back home enjoying durian in the Kampung. Get your guests to dress up in sarongs, you could refer to this link to refer back to our suggestion on styling in sarongs . Play some P. Ramlee music in the background while digging in to the creamy durian with old newspapers spread on the floor for the durian shells to lay on so you won’t need to worry that it will damage your floor.

We know the party only ends when the last durian husk gets wiped clean, but don’t forget to clear the mess! Unless you want eau de durian in your home, we suggest bundling the husks up in newspaper and trash bags. To get rid of the durian smell on your fingers and breath, fill the hollows of a leftover shell with water and rinse it over your hands and mouth. For a better deodorising finish, scrap your fingers on the insides too. Finally, prepare some lightly salted water in a husk and drink up! We hear that helps to get rid of any leftover stench.



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Ever experienced one of those days where a gush of unexplainable feeling of emptiness and negative shift of energy takes over? We know we have! Well, fret not as this phenomenon is very much linked to natural good energy in which it’s believe that we’re all guided by the same life force and how it impacts our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The options to better energy shifts are aplenty and one example of it are healing crystals which are believed to help with emotional realignment and expel negative feelings of anxiety and fear. All you need to do is place your crystal in a room at home where you most frequent and let its natural healing properties do the job.

Looking to give it a try? Check out the options @wondrouscurations, placebo effect or not, these little minerals might just be your new favourite go-to pick-me-ups, on days when even a good’ol dessert doesn’t seem to do the trick.



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Are you a person who loves to break away from monotony from time to time and gets excited to experiment with new things? If your answer is ‘yes’, then unleash the child in you and build forts out of blankets, fairy lights, pillows, boxes and whatever you wish in your living room!

To top it up, an indoor picnic can be even more fun! Scatter some soft pillows, set candles out around it, and choose two movies to watch one after the other. For the couples, try silk sheets or even a faux fur rug. Share a carefully-selected array of snacks and something special to drink. The best picnics are the simplest. That way you’re in the perfect position for some after-dinner snogging, too!


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With a wine tasting trip down the sunny vineyards of Tuscany seemingly distant given the current circumstances, onus are on wineries to come up with innovative ways to bring the fun from the vineyards straight to the living room.

With that being said, you could guess how elated we were when we heard about local food conglomerate Troika Sky Dining’s new virtual wine tasting session. Spearheaded by head sommelier Alison Christ, all you need to do is click on the invitation link and sip along to any theme-relevant bottle through the 1 hour session. Kick back from the comforts of your home with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in hand and watch as the wine guru “walks” you through a guided tour of the vineyards of Napa Valley. Who knows, you might even get some inspiration for your next trip, post pandemic. So push aside all them other plans, cause we know what you’ll be doing this weekend instead.