“Pregnancy is personal”. That’s what we thought too, until the uncomfortable truth of knowing someone went through our rubbish and stumbling upon our “little secret” comes out in the open – not so personal anymore, is it?

Well, bid adieu to wrapping pregnancy test wands in heaps of newspapers or throwing out the trash in the wee hours of the morning, as the all-female design team behind Lia has recently come up with the world’s first ever flushable pregnancy test made from biodegradable materials. Known as the “pregnancy pad”, this tester kit is designed to function as would a traditional pregnancy test albeit just a bit more discreet.

With the new norm comes along a lot more time spent staying in with family, and I’m sure we all know how that goes. Thanks to Lia’s ingenious little invention, all you need is a flush down the water closet, and no one would ever find out about your naughty little midnight rendezvous.



With skintight, bum-hugging boxers being the undisputed “it” fit on the market, the hunt is constantly on the rise for undies that are actually comfy. What if we tell you we have found the perfect man bikini in the form of the Carl Kern Ice Silk Breathable (yes, you read that right) Underwear? Stretchy, airy and most importantly – sexy, this pair of lightweight boxers are deemed to be the next big thing in the male undergarment industry, with online sales soaring to a 75% increase in just 6 months. The 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex composition ensures a fit just snug, whilst with the wide array of colors ranging from the neutrals to the more adventurous neons, there is bound to be a color to suit every kink.

So what are you waiting for? Be it to signify a romantic night in with your partner or as a quick go-to on a trip to the grocers, we guarantee this will be the perfect underwear for your erm, man junk



How many hours on average do you spend on your mobile screen daily? Would you panic if you couldn’t have access to your smartphone? You might be suffering from nomophobia! Nomophobia describes the fear of being without or unable to access your mobile phone. The symptoms have a lot in common with smartphone addiction – a dependence syndrome and clinical addiction. From scrolling through our social media feeds before going to bed to scanning QR codes for attendance tracking before entering premises; smartphones have become an essential in our lives. Based on a study, 66 percent of adults suffer from nomophobia, which we believe has also increased during the pandemic period.

If you like to cope with nomophobia on your own why not try out this app called “Forest”. It’s an application that compares our attention to a tree that grows: every time we light it, deciding to dedicate some time offline, we can plant a seed, see it sprout and thus go to cultivate – literally – our concentration, but at the same time we can contribute to the good of the planet, through a real project of reforestation. We would already be one-step closer towards freedom from being a prisoner of our devices.



TAKE-AWAY unveils a new look for delivery service

Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious of being out and about. With this self-care trend, many are choosing to stay indoors and avoid being out in public places. But as the days go by, #JOMO (the joy of missing out) is quickly becoming the new #FOMO (fear of missing out), with many of us starting to feel the distance and effects of social distancing.

In lieu of the new norm, Take-away will be launching a never before seen delivery service that’ll help connect us and make these moments at home and in the office better.