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Nyotaimori often referred to as “body sushi”, is the Japanese practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the naked body of a woman. Of course there is Nantaimori too which is the male equivalent.

Remember that scene in Sex and the City when Samantha covers herself in sushi for a Valentine’s Day Surprise? Since MCO has been eased down and interstate travels are allowed for married couples who have been living apart during the lockdown, why not plan a surprise reunion for your significant other. Sushi-ing at home can be fun, sexy and oh so delicious dinner endeavour.

Just call for a sushi delivery from local restaurants like Ed.ju Omakase, Sushi Oribe, and the list goes on. Set the mood with a sexy playlist (we got you covered in this issue too 😉) an most importantly, get your body exfoliated and moisturised whilst waiting for your food delivery.



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Whether for the morning of your first relationship sleepover (hooray), wedding anniversary or just a simple Sunday in, I’m sure we can all agree that nothing quite compares to waking up to a full breakfast spread brought to you in bed.

Yes we know, the semi-lockdown period has gotten all our travel plans thrown out the window, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Why not reenact the good old hotel breakfast-in-bed ritual right at the comfort of your own home? From easy-peasy pancakes to viral fluffy soufflé omelettes or even the famed Tiktok Dalgona coffee, the list of breakfast possibilities goes on.

And if you’re an amateur chef like us, VCR café has come up with a breakfast started kit sent right to your doorstep that will do just the trick. Sugar, spice and everything nice, this pack contains the works in bringing that long-overdue vacation breakfast-in-bed vibes right to you.



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This year’s Met Gala may be cancelled, but a group of enterprising teens active in a subculture known as “High Fashion Twitter” are staging a virtual version of the event on Monday, May 4—and everyone is invited. The event will be hosted on Twitter, and you can “attend” by posting a photo of your “look” with the hashtag #HFMetGala2020. The dress code, according to the invitation, is “temporal conflation,” tied to the theme of the short-lived Costume Institute exhibition “About Time: Fashion and Duration,” an exploration of how clothes conflate past, present, and future. Instead of requiring fame, fortune, quantifiable influence — or even new clothes! — To merit a ticket to entry, it requires only enthusiasm, imagination and a willingness to engage. Whatever outfit you end up choosing, be sure to put your own personal spin on it. There may not be a gala this year, but that’s not to say you can’t import a little of that fantasy into your living room.



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Okay, moment of truth. Do you have a sexy bedroom playlist? Whether you've got multiple musical collections, each specific to the positions presented in the Kama Sutra, or the thought of grinding to the beat of bedroom pop makes you blush, there is no denying that seven and a half minutes of Justin Timberlake setting the mood with his smooth falsetto is just what the love doctor ordered. Here, we’ve assembled an assortment of melodic stylings as diverse as—hopefully—what’s happening behind your closed doors. There’s some old- school romantic jams, some new-school erotic music, and plenty of sexually explicit options that’ll do the pillow talk for you. So, without further ado, here, the best songs to, err, have sex to.