We know cleaning isn’t exactly “fun,” but with everyone off from school and work, the house is bound to get messy, and pretty quickly at that. Oh, and before you protest saying that you’re too busy and you’ve got stuff to do, don’t kid yourself—we’re all stuck at home with nothing to do. So you may as well clean while having fun with the idea of actually cleaning. Gather your entire family or your partner and bond over cleaning. Fill up their water guns with some cleaning agent you could easily create out from your kitchen pantry. Just mix baking soda and vinegar with a ratio of 1:2, the mixture will fizz and bubble. It would make a great volcano science project for your kids too. Not forgetting the adults, vodka is great in disinfecting and also makes a great Quarantini you could enjoy with your partner while diligently cleaning.



Ever thought of how Malaysian prison food looks and taste like? In our prison, they served only the most minimum just enough to meet your daily nutrition intake, but they will be either less hygienic or in reduced portion. Here’s actually what a prison inmate has described our prison food is like. For breakfast, they are served with tea that tasted like pipe waters and either biscuits or watery porridge. And for the other meals, the typical content of the plate will be a handful of rice with curry gravy, then some kangkung or cabbage, and finally a small piece of meat or fish.

In consequent to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we are wrestling through these tough lockdown times and many of our citizens has turn a blind eye over the severity of breaking the laws of MCO, subsequently finding themselves caught with a hefty fine and arrested by the authorities. Now with these picture of prison food in mind, you wouldn’t want to give up your hearty home cooked or delivery meals just for breaching the MCO law. Think hard, think twice! You’ll never know you might taste it.



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Living The Sarong Life

One of the most interesting (and beneficial) part of working from home is that no one across the screen really knows what exactly is going on outside of whatever your front camera captures. Are you wearing pants? Maybe. Laying in your bed? Very possibly.

We are thrilled to introduce to you – “Sejauh Mata Memandang”, a magical world of textile dreams that’ll add to your list of lazing lounging options. The ready-to-wear collection is full of fantasy and ethereal charm, topped with delicate pleats and soft tones. The “Rok Lilit Sebaran Ayam Merah” is our top pick, possibly being the ultimate versatile piece. Not only is it pretty, you can also transform this beautiful piece of rectangular shaped fabric into anything you wish – a sarong, skirt, or even a blouse as long as it makes your day.

Editor’s notes: If you’re looking for head to toe comfort without resorting to sweat pants, I recommend swaddling yourself completely in sarong. In an effort to hide the otherwise not work-appropriate neckline, I sometimes wear it as a scarf for a cover up look. I absolutely love this piece and its versatility!



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Living with family amidst the MCO means minimal privacy and less ‘me’ time right? Well, what better way to solve that than by popping’em earphones in and drifting into much- needed solitude? We recently came across a hidden gem in the form of the Lovepalz earphones. From video calling to just simply playing some of your fav tunes, this “six-way earphone” amplifies and enhances surround sounds to provide you with an immersive 4D experience. Its silicon padding also guarantees to fit just snug on the inside of your ears whilst you fall soundly asleep. And for all the couples out there – here’s a sneaky tip just for you. Pair the earphones with the Inme customisable dildo recommended in Issue 01, together with a glass of wine (or two) and you’ll be in for an extra sexy date night to remember. Just make sure no one else’s around.