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A wise man once said “home is where the heart is”, well why not take this statement a notch higher and amp up your work corner now that you’ll be spending the majority (if not all) of your hours at home?

We know setting up your home office can be a daunting task. As greenhorns ourselves, we’ve decided to put together our 3 quick no frills tips to help better your WFH days.

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Be Creative

Whoever said to be productive you should be confined only to a proper work desk? With a little innovation and the right mindset, almost any corner of your crib (albeit a small one) can be the perfect little makeshift work station.

You can easily revamp any unused corner of your living room or bedroom to accommodate your work sesh needs. It’s all about mixing things up. Pssss … our personal favorite work spot is on the kitchen countertop by the window where the lighting hits just right during the day.

Image from Herman Miller

Getting Organized

Yes we get it, WFH means having the liberty of not tidying up your work space after a long day of work. However picture this, 10 minutes before your long-awaited conference meeting your sketchbook goes missing and the USB cable is no where to be seen.

The trick is to use a simple basket or tray to corral notebooks, stationaries and other necessities for easy stash-away at the end of the day, helping you stay calm and not overwhelmed.

Image from CB2

All About “Personalization”

Curating your own personal work corner surrounded by your fav items is so important for getting through this WFH period. Start by putting together a playlist of your go-to upbeat songs paired with your favorite scent burners and maybe even throw in a snuggly back pillow to help you sit through your virtual meetings.

This last tip is really all about making your work corner comfy and YOU.